I think the biggest change in my life is that I am not shopping anymore.

When I was living in Budapest in my early twenties, I was one of those girls who were addicted to shopping. I think that big city life made me to shop so often.  I had so many clothes that I could have filled a big house with them.

Once I moved to Australia (6 years ago) to live by the ocean, luckily I left this bad habit behind me. Most of the time I was in the water or at the beach, so I didn’t have the desire to go for a shopping. Anyway, I didn’t need so many clothes anymore. I preferred to spend my time and money for travelling, instead of going from shop to shop to hunt for a new outfit.  If I needed something for some reason, I always went to a second hand shop. 

This time I realized how much money I spent before on stupid clothes, bags, shoes and how much money I can save now. 

When I moved to Fuerteventura (4 years ago) I reduced my “shopping habit” even more. This island is really simple. We are surrounded by nature instead of big buildings and shopping centres. Even If I wanted, I couldn’t shop so much as there are not so many options.

Here nobody cares what you wear, what brand is written on your t-shirt or how many times did they see you in the same outfit. The local mentality is totally different than in the big cities where you are “forced” to shop. 

Fast fashion is not an option for me anymore. There are so many amazing sustainable brands, why would I spend my money on brands who are keep harming our beautiful planet?! So if I need to buy something, I make sure that my money goes to a right place and I support the right company. Beside sustainable clothing brands, I love to shop in second hand stores. I always did. Even when I was a fashion freak, I often spent my time in hidden second hand shops to find some treasures. 


In Fuerteventura you can‘t drink tap water, so you need to buy water in the supermarkets that are packaged in plastic bottles. I always bought the biggest one (8L) and I was refilling my reusable steel bottles.

However, I was pretty sad that I still needed to buy the water in plastic and I really wanted to change on it.

So, I was looking for alternatives and finally I found a company, called Fuenteror.  They use glass bottles and come to your house with as many bottles as you want, leave them there for a week then they come to pick them up to refill with new water! I was soooooo happy when I found them. I spend 40€ / month for water, it’s a bit more expensive than the plastic bottled ones but I am happy to pay the difference in exchange to reduce my plastic usage.

My favourite stainless steel water bottles are the Hydro Flask ones! Trust me girls, I have tried out in the last couple of years different brands and these are NEXT LEVEL. I truly recommend it to everyone. They keep your drink ice cold/hot for 24 hours, they don’t get rusty and there are many colours and sizes you can choose form.

They have also coffee mugs, beer bottles, tumblers, etc etc. 



3 years ago I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and they had to remove a huge 10cm x 10cm big cyst and another 5cm big blood cyst from my ovaries. That operation and disease changed my eating habits. When I found out that I was sick, I was reading for weeks how to heal myself, how to avoid having cysts again. (I had several cysts with heavy pain in the past, not only those two). I read that red meat is the biggest enemy for this disease. Eating meat increases the chance to grow cysts, and if you already have a cyst, the meat would feed it and grow it bigger. Same with the dairy products.

Once I left the hospital I never ate meat again. Firstly, I became vegetarian and I tried to avoid dairy products as well, however it happened that I ate foods that contained butter or egg for example.

Lately,  I try to eat only vegan foods but I’m not 100% vegan yet. The main reason of it that it is really hard to get vegan ingredients on the island, I need to travel to other cities to find some bio shops. But! I see the change. There are more and more vegan options in cafes and supermarkets so finally I have easier access to them.

Safe to say, being vegetarian or vegan, almost-vegan is the best thing ever! Not only because it is very healthy, but also, you save many lives and the environment. Probably I would have changed for plant based diet without my health issues as well but this is my story, this is how I changed my eating habits.

Since I left the meat and dairy products behind, I have no cysts anymore and my blood tests show better results than ever!


Already years ago I said goodbye to single-use plastics as they really fuck up the planet and it‘s easy to find alternatives. If I need straws, I have bamboo and steel ones. When I go to shop groceries, I always carry my reusable shopping bag (Real Babes Recycle Tote Bag) along with smaller bags for the veggies and fruits so I never need to use plastic bags.

Life hack: If you have already ordered a bikini from us, just use the Undersea Bag for veggies or fruits while shopping! 


I changed my toothbrush for a bamboo one, I have bamboo cutleries if I go out and I need to carry some, and I try to reuse everything I can. If I buy something in a glass (or plastic) bottle, once it‘s empty I wash them well and use them in the kitchen for storage seeds or whatever I want. 

We pay more attention on products we buy with my boyfriend and many times we relinquish several items just because they have unnecessary plastic in it/around it. 


The other advantage of the island life is that I don’t need to wear make-up. Although, I was never really into this cosmetic world but in the past, I wore make-ups.

Now I put make-up on (super basic one) once per month, or not even!  

It‘s important to know that the cosmetic world is a huge polluter and very harmful to the environment.

First of all, they use a lot of plastic for the packages and they are full of toxicant ingredients that are harming your skin, body and the environment. The best if you don’t use any but if you do, try to use some zero waste, natural versions! There are so many!

Same with the sunscreens. I only use coral safe sunscreens, that are harmless to marine life.


You might be surprised now, but I don‘t drive cars. If I need to go somewhere I use public transport, bicycle or my longboard. 


Oh girrrl.. if you would know! I am such a plant freak! At the moment I have 82 plants in my house/garden and I am about to plant more! It‘s really nice that when we are cooking, I just take some basil from our garden and add it to our meal. Super fresh, yummy and package-free! Yayy

Well, the list could go on, but this post is already very long, and I don’t want to make you bored so I stop now. Let me know if you found it useful and then I can make a second part of it!

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Hugs n Kisses,