Hi Babes,

In this blog post, we are going to share our favourite recycled swimwear from our collections and tell you the reasons why we love them so much!

Probably you have already noticed that every season we launch our bikinis both in darker/basic colours and in brighter ones as well. As designers of the bikinis, it‘s safe to say that the collections reflext our style, taste and same about the colours.

Moni prefers the darker tones, and I do prefer the brighter, vibrant colours. If you came to our home to check our wardrobes, you would see the difference clearly.

My wardrobe looks like a rainbow exploded. I like to wear colorful clothes, oversized shirts with crazy patterns, colourful caps, backpacks, etc. In contrast, Moni usually chooses to wear the basic (black, white, beige, brown, nude, etc) colors and she likes to keep it simple.

However, it doesn’t mean that we never wear the other team’s colours. I do have many simple tops and t-shirts as well and probably you would find some colorful ones in Moni’s closet too.

But what about the bikinis?!


My ultimate favorite beachwear is the grey Mau top. I usually pair it with a grey thong bottom, but I also like to wear it with the snake patterned bottom. That is the comfiest bikini top I have ever had, it almost feels like I wear nothing. Sometimes I don’t even change it after swimming, instead I just put a T-shirt over it and use it all day as a top. I also love that I can wear the top in two different ways so I can perfectly avoid tan lines by changing the way I’m wearing it.

My other big love is the Scarlet Top paired with red thong. I feel so confident while wearing this set, however this is not the only reason I adore it: no matter what, it stays on under any circumstances. It is very important to feel comfortable in your swimsuit while doing water sports or just playing in the waves. With Scarlet, I feel sexy and comfortable at the same time!

At last but not least, Cali Cali Cali. I often wear it as part of my outfit because it looks really cool with any kind of denim and makes your look really special. For example, I like to match it with high wasted shorts, denim jackets and even with overalls. When I use it as a swimwear, I like to wear it with a different colored bottom, such as orange, yellow or royal blue.


In our first collection my absolute favourite was the Pink Kara Set. Normally I NEVER wear pink clothes, only if it‘s about sport. When I need to buy sportswear or any sport equippement, I always choose some intense colors. The Kara set is perfect for any watersport and as I am a big fan of the ocean, I often jump on a board or dive into the big blue. When we started to design for Undersea Bikini, the Kara was the first swimwear I designed. I knew from the very first moment that I want a sporty set in a vibrant pink color. And guess what! The color hasn’t faded away at all, not even after 1,5 years! It is still as bright as the first time I worn it even tho I wear it pretty often. 

Well, as I’m a sporty gal with a sporty style, I bet you won’t be surprised if I say that my second big favourite is the Cali Set. Actually it is the new version of the Kara Set, we just changed the bright colour to a snake pattern and made some other small changes. I love it so much, I even wear it as a top during these hot summer days paired with a short! By the way, I love to mix the Cali top with the Orange thong bottom! So chick, hey!

Beside the sporty models, I often wear the Mau tops, both in orange and grey colour. They are perfect to keep the tan lines to a bare minimum and they are so comfortable! Same with the Coral Sea ones (from our previous collection). I wear those ones pretty often, they totally belong to my fav ones!

I really like that we have different styles in different colors because I am living on an island and 80% of my wardrobe is made from bikinis 😀 so I can always choose the right bikinis for my actual plans outside. If I go to surf, I pick a sporty one, If I go to chill to the beach I pick the one is best for sunbathing.

And what about the bottoms?!

Both of us only wear the thong ones! Anytime in any color! Yayy!