Would you like to know how does it look like when a new collection is in the making? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place baby, because we are gonna share some juicy details about the designing process!


Usually, right after launching our main collection, we have a brainstorming about the next season, and we immediately start to work on the NEXT collection. Yes, the preparation of one collection takes 1 year all in all, that’s why we need to start early.

But before we jump into the new collection, we make a conclusion about the customer reviews, feedbacks and we calculate how much is our budget gonna be for the upcoming collection. These are the base of the base. 

The first step of the creative part is thinking over what is our vision, what theme we would like to have and in what kind of environment we want to shoot the campaign. This is the most important task to do, as the theme determines the colors we are going to choose, the styles we are going to design, the models we are going to work with, and basically everything else.


Once we know what is going to be the theme of the new collection, we choose the colors and fabrics. We go through all of our color cards and discuss which we like the most and which can we envision for the next collection. 

If we want to have some patterns, we start to design some and, in the end, we choose the best one that fits well to the collection.


Designing. Normally, it takes a couple of months until we got the final collection in mind. However, it is still not 100% as we can run into some technical issues during the production and then we need to make some changes.

Usually, we do the designs by Illustrator and Photoshop. This is the easiest and fastest way to make a design plan and do quick changes if needed.


The next step is to match the chosen colors to the designs. The good thing about a design plan is that you can see how a specific bikini would look like in different colors or patterns. Plus, you can put all of the designs on one page and see how they will look like together.


In this stage of the process we have a meeting with our dressmaker to show her our designs. This is the moment when usually we run into some issues and need to do some changes on the design plans. As we have already mentioned in some other blogs and interviews, our hands are quite tied because of the sustainable materials.

In the end of the meeting, Lenke, our dressmaker makes a list about all the makings we need to get to begin the sample production.


Moni is responsible for the production, so she orders everything we need. Fabrics, materials, accessories, etc.

It can take a while as well, as it is very hard to find sustainable sources and many times the stocks are empty so we need to wait for weeks until we can get them.


When we got everything we need, Lenke begins the sampling. This is the time when we experiment with the new shapes, styles, sizes, etc. Usually she has to make one bikini 2-3 times until it is perfect, and we approve it. Even if it just half cm lower/higher/whatever than we imagined, we have to re-sample it again.

When we started Undersea Bikini, we had only two sewing machines to work with, now we have six. This year we had to invest in two new machines so we can put the quality level of the swimwear higher.

You can‘t imagine how many machines are needed for 1 bikini! And these 6 machines are still not enough. That‘s why most of the swimwear brands are producing in big factories where they have access to all kind of machines.


Once we know how our collection will look like, it‘s time to find the perfect location to go and shoot the campaign at.

We had different ideas in mind but in the end we decided to go to Miami and place the shooting over there. The original plan was going in October but as it is still hurricane season there at that time, we decided to delay a bit and go in November. Hopefully we are gonna have a great time filled with lot of sunshine!


Luckily, Miami is full of model agencies, so we had no problem to find some beautiful babes to work with!

Firstly, we checked all the agencies‘ websites and went through all the portfolios of the models. Then, we made a list of all the girls we liked and got in contact with their agents.

In the end, we have chosen three beautiful models and we can‘t wait to meet and work with them!


Believe it or not, designing the bikinis is not the most difficult part of the whole process.

It is much harder and takes more time to organize everything else for the new concept.  

Marketing, PR, collaborations, new website, new image, new hangtags, new logos, new charity, new projects, etc, etc.

Undersea Bikini is not about to be stuck at one level and just keep going like many other brands. We want improvements. We want to offer the best for YOU. We want to give something new, something unique. We want surprises. Every year we want to take 1 step forward. Or two. 

Can‘t wait to show you the new collection! Trust me girrrrl, it‘s gonna be a bomb. STAY TUNED!