SS/19 – Behind the scenes Part#3

Here we go! The last part of our Behind the scenes posts, where we tell you how our SS/19 photo shooting series ended in Bali.

This story is a bit crazy.

I woke up around 7 o‘clock in the morning and as I always do, I checked my phone and hung on Instagram a bit while Moni was still sleeping. The first story I saw on Insta was Sasha Jadeg, cruising around in Canggu, on the same exact street our accomodation was. I was like, “What the hell! Sasha is here, we need to meet and shoot her!” I couldn’t wait Moni to wake up and tell her the good news.

Sasha is an incredible woman, we have been working with her last year, although, we have never met her in person. She is super fun, very active, does a lot of extreme sports, loves the nature and the ocean. All in all, she is a cool gal.

We had only one shooting left, for our limited, capsule sport collection: STAY WILD.

It is a mini range, contains only two sets of bikinis which are designed to be sexy, sporty and wild. I would use the same words to describe Sasha as well, so I knew that it wasn’t a coincidence. I immediately wrote and let her know that we were here as well and we should catch up for a photo shooting. She wrote me back pretty soon and we set up a meeting for the day after.

We had this vision from day one that we would like to get a motorcross bike and shoot the sport collection with it on a palmy beach. Basically it is not allowed in Bali to ride a bike on the beach, but we had to find one for the shooting, so we asked the locals about it and found the perfect place for the pictures we had in our mind.

As soon as Sasha agreed to ride the bike, we rented it out and met her in the following morning at our accommodation. Natasha came there as well, and made a solid make-up for Sasha. After we got ready, we jumped in our car and drove to Joshua District, where we picked up the bike. This location is quite far from the center: nobody is around except a few locals. There was a long road surrounded by palms that lead to a black sand beach, it was pretty amazing so we shot there.

Sasha was also very stoked to get on the bike finally and go crazy. Yesss! This is what we needed. She looked perfect in the bikinis and all of our ideas just came together. Even the weather turned greyish, cloudy which was perfect for the mood of the pictures.

Firstly, we made some shots on the road in our Scarlet Bikini and when we were ready, we headed to the beach and changed to the Cali set. We made hundreds of great snaps; she was better than we imagined! Everything was on point, so we were very satisfied with the pictures we made.

Although, we had some problems on the way back as the motorbike stucked in the stand and we couldn’t lift it out (Exactly, this is why it is not allowed on the beach). You need to know that this bike is very very heavy and hard to move, especially if you are a woman. The bike was just going deeper and deeper in the sand, but then a local guy shew up suddenly and helped us. Good that we made it, otherwise we should have paid a big fat fine.

After the shooting we went home and said goodbye to Sasha. It was very nice to met her finally in person and had a chance to work together again.

I hope you will like the campaign as much as we do, we put all our hearts in it!

Thank you for following our journey!

Lots of love, 

Moni and Daisy