SS/19 – Behind the scenes #Part2

… Landed in Bali …

Luckily, our flight was quite enjoyable – fast without any delays, had enough place to sleep and be comfortable on the plane – so we didn’t arrive as tired as we usually do after a long flight.

We landed in Bali around midnight, we took a cab and headed to Canggu, which was our base for the following two weeks.

In the morning we woke up super early, as we were very excited! First, we went to have a famously delicious Bali brekkie, then we explored the area, went to the beach, bought some accessories for the shootings and double-checked our schedule with the models. This day was definitely relaxing and we got very refreshed.

In contrast, the second day was quite long and busy. We had to check every single location we wanted to shoot at, even tho they were pretty far from each other. We have never been at these spots before, we chose them by searching on the internet so we wanted to make sure that everything was fine and we could really shoot at the chosen places. Glad we did that! In the end, there were locations we took off our list and we added some random ones. Changing plan in the very last minute is just so typical of us.

On the third day the shooting got started. We met Putri and Natasha in the morning close to our house and had a quick breakfast together. It was so exciting to meet them in person finally! Putri was our little Mowgli, she is a local girl from Indonesia and modelling here. Natasha is from Russia but living in Bali for a while now. She was our make-up artist, one of our models and most importantly our ultimate guide who showed us the best places to eat, to surf, to visit, etc.

After the breakfast, Natasha made a beautiful make-up for Putri, then we got in a car and drove to Ubud, where our first location was. We got lost, of course. At first we went to a wrong place and when we finally arrived to the right one, we had to wait for the owner of the place for like an hour. Fortunately, the shooting went really well, Putri was very professional and made our job easy.

The next morning was a bit painful. We had to wake up at 5:00 and meet everyone at 6am. We wanted to shoot at a waterfall which was quite far and deep down in the jungle, so we had to start early to get there before the tourists arrive. It was definitely worth it, because we were the first ones at the waterfall, there was nobody around. When you have a shooting, the worst thing could happen is being bothered and photo bombed by others, so we always take care of this and try to avoid the crowd. Although, the shooting was not that easy, the camera got wet in every half minute and the lens was covered in millions of waterdrop. But we managed it somehow and the pictures turned out pretty amazing.

On the fifth and sixth day we were working with Maddy. She is half philippine – half swedish, living the life of modelling in Canggu. 

The first day with her was located in a beautiful beach with huge rocks and a little cave. That day was extremely hot, we had to take several breaks to cool ourselves down. These kinds of days are not the best for taking photos, not only because you are dying from the heat but also hard to work with these strong, direct sunlights.

Exactly because of these reasons and the constant traffic jam (where we lost a lot of time), on the following day we changed our plan and decided to stay in Canggu and shoot in our garden. The owner of our apartment was a very kind French woman and offered us a huge, empty villa to shoot there as well. Like this, we had two private locations for the day, which was more than amazing!

The 7th day was shot with Natasha at Dreamland beach, which was our absolute favourite shore. This day we started the shooting later to avoid the heat and have a nice sunset for the pictures! Safe to say, these snaps are one of our favourites!

We were very lucky with the girls, we had a great time together, we were laughing a lot and enjoying every minute of the shootings! Everybody was really professional and gave their best.

However, we had some slip-ups. On the second day our camera got broken. It just died out of nothing, we couldn‘t even switch it on. We got a smaller heart-attack at that moment but Daisy somehow fixed it in the evening and we could use it.

On the first working day, Moni woke up with heavy Bali Belly. (It is just a quirky name for traveler’s diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting suffered by tourists in Bali. It is technically an acute case of gastroenteritis and is almost always caused by eating contaminated food or water.) She was strong tho and came for the shooting but poor girl was suffering a lot that day! 

Our campaign shooting was not done yet, we still had one more day to go with our last model, SashaFor now, it is still a secret, but it‘s gonna be told in our next chapter! Stay tuned!