SS/19 – Behind the scenes #Part1

What a journey! We spent 2 weeks in Bali to shoot our upcoming 2019 Spring / Summer Collection to give you guys the best of the best and had many crazy experiences while doing it!

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, better start at the very beginning.

After we have launched our first SS/18 collection, we decided that in the future we were going to build every single collection around a specific theme. This way, we can share a whole story with you through our eyes and get you more involved. 

As both of us are a big fan of nature and wildlife, it was no doubt that our first theme was going to be something raw, something natural. And what else is better than the JUNGLE itself to express our feelings and passion for the wilderness.

After we both agreed to create our own jungle vibe, we had to choose the right location for the campaign shooting. To be honest… we didn’t need more than 2 minutes to decide!

Bali it is.

Bali has so much to offer, it nurtures a tremendously diverse natural resources beyond one’s imagination. From the jungle to the beach, you can find everything you need to take amazing pictures.

Big plus that nowadays Bali is very popular location to live for people who are working in the fashion industry, which made our job way much easier to find the right people to work with. We‘ve chosen our models and make-up artist online, searching by instagram and different model agencies. 

Side note: If you travel somewhere for a photo shooting, the best is to find your models and staff at the chosen area, otherwise you need to put everyone on a plane to fly there and provide accommodation and food for the whole time you are there. First of all, it will extremely increase your budget, secondly, you will have to take care of your team 0-24 which could be a bit exhausting. During our first shooting, we have learnt the hard way. 

Alright, let ‘s move on. We have the theme, the location and the whole team. Now it’s time to talk about the collection itself.

The first thing that came to our mind was the colours of the jungle, as well, the colours of the new bikinis. The shades of green, grey, orange, yellow… When you imagine a jungle, usually it is dark with deep colours but filled with stunning, colourful creatures that makes this whole thing so magical. This is what we wanted to design. A collection that reflects the captivating atmosphere of a wild place teeming with life.

If you think of a Jungle, probably you don’t need to wait too long until Tarzan and Jane will swing into this picture in your head. Exactly this scene and all the hanging lianas inspired the style of the bikinis. Once you get in our new swimwear, we promise you will feel like the queen of the jungle! 

Beside the new colours and shapes, there will be also one new size (XS), a new website, a totally new packaging and TWO new charity projects that will help us to raise awareness about specific issues.

Safe to say, we worked our ass off to bring the ultimate jungle vibes into your life to feel like you’re there even when you are miles away. We hope that you will like our upcoming collection just as much as we do!

Stay tuned ladies, more behind the scenes details are coming soon with pictures included!