Christmas is one of the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately the most wasteful period as well!

When the excitement of Christmas is over, the lights are off.. many of us are shocked by the amount of waste left behind by gift packaging, wrapping, decorations and leftover foods.

By making a few easy changes to your Christmas traditions, you can minimise your footprint and become more mindful during December!

Here are some of the ways we have come up with to make your Christmas a little greener and less wasteful this year!


Who doesn‘t love to sit around the Christmas tree surrounded by family and friends on Christmas day?! It’s a tradition for most of the people, however, it’s very harmful to our beautiful planet.

One way to reduce your impact is to grow, use and replant your own Christmas tree each year! If you don’t have any possibilities for this option, then make sure that your tree is gonna be recycled! Check for Christmas tree drop-off areas, which are often set up near recycling centers, organized by your government or different organizations.

Many people think that buying an artificial Christmas tree is a good option, because they can reuse it for many years, however they’re not recyclable (made from a non-renewable resource: petroleum) and those fake trees have more than twice the carbon footprint than that of real trees which end up in landfills, and more than ten times the carbon footprint of the ones which end up burnt.


Doesn’t it make everyone shocked to see the huge amount of plastic ribbons going into the trash on Christmas morning?

The paper and plastic used in gift buying and wrapping can add up to a substantial waste of resources during the holidays. Here’s some ideas to change the way of wrapping to reduce your impact:

Reuse your gift wrap and use packaging you’ve already got at home, such as newspaper, shoe or cookie boxes, brown paper packages, etc.

If you receive a gift bag from someone, you can always reuse that next year as well!

Newspaper is another great reusable option! You can always make wrapping out of newspaper pages, print shown or painted to your taste.

Last but not least, buy eco-friendly, pre-wrapped gifts!


A gift is a way to show someone they’re in your thoughts and how much you love them. That‘s why, you want your gift to reflect their meaningful place in your life, however, your gifts should never cost the Earth!

Buying presents from sustainable companies is always a good idea but if you’re still not sure of what to get someone on your list, give an experience that’s suited to their interests such as a concert, movie or a trip to somewhere. This idea means less waste to the environment and you’ll know that the gift will definitely get used!

Still stuck on options? Shop our Christmas edition gift cards or one of our beautiful swimwear! Who wouldn‘t be happy for an Undersea Present under the tree?!


Most of us love a bit of festive decoration in our home to feel those Christmas vibes even better! Unfortunately, most of the Christmas decorations are made from not recyclable materials such like plastic and they will end up on landfills.

Luckily, there are more and more shops and online websites where you can get ethically made, reusable and recyclable decorations so you can enjoy an ethical season without felling guilty in a wonderfully decorated home!

Another good option is to make your decorations by yourself! In that way you not only save the environment from unnecessary waste but you also save a ton of money! It‘s a win-win, baby!


Sometimes, Christmas cards feel so obligatory but remember that billions of Christmas cards are thrown away around the world each year!

If you’re looking to break the cycle, send E-cards instead! They cut your carbon footprint, save trees and save money!

If you hold on to physical cards, DIY!

DIY Christmas cards are so simple to make, more personal and you can do it from recycled materials! A good tip is to use a photo as a card that you can frame it later and have it as a nice memory!

We hope you liked our tips and this post was useful!

Love the environment as much as each other during Christmas!