Hi Babes,

In this blog post we would like to talk a bit about our friendship and how we ended up being business partners.

Let‘s travel back to 2004.

At that time, we were 15 (Dezi) and 13 (Moni) years old, enjoying the easy life of young teenagers.

We went to different schools but when we were hanging out during the weekends with our friends, we often saw each other. Moni was very popular in our town as she was very beautiful and unique. It was easy to spot her in the crowd, so she seemed very interesting for me.  I just got into photography around this time so I was always seeking interesting faces to shoot with.

We were living the time of MySpace and somehow I ended up watching Moni‘s profile. I really liked her playlist, so I sent her a message and asked if she could copy some CD-s for me with her favourite songs on it? Her respond was very kind and helpful, she invited me to her house and that was the first time we directly met in person. Writing those CD-s took us hours, so it was a perfect opportunity to get to know each other. I still clearly remember that day. 

A few years later I contacted Moni again and asked if she was interested in a photo shooting?! She said yes so, we met again.

Guess what?! We were shooting swimwear photos! 😀

As I was obsessed with old-school, unique clothes, I often showed up at second-hand shops to find some treasures, especially for my shootings. After I found some cool swimwear in a market, I headed to Moni‘s place with my camera and the swimsuits.

Oh girls … You can‘t imagine those snaps.. 😀 Wait a sec! Yes, you can! I still have them on my hard drive, let me dig them up quickly. (Oh yes, my editing skills were on point :D)

We are still laughing at this story. Our friendship started with a swimwear shooting at Moni‘s garden and now we are running a swimwear brand together. How funny is that?!

Moni was one of my favourite ”models”, so I asked her quite often to come and shoot with me. We have some really funny pictures from these years, let me show you some of them:

After graduating from high school, both of us moved to Budapest (we were living in Szolnok before, which is a small town in Hungary) to continue our studies at universities. During these years we were not really hanging out together, we have taken different paths but in my last year of the university we got close again.

However, after my graduation I left the country. Surprisingly, it didn’t break our friendship, what is more, it just got stronger and stronger. We were talking almost every day and a special bond had been forged between us over the years.

During these years both of us have changed a lot and our point of views towards life became very similar. We were both crazy about nature, animals, traveling, the ocean, cultures and exploring the world.

From being friends, we became travel buddies. Oh man, those trips we made together were the best adventures of our lives! We were constantly in troubles and found ourselves in crazy situations. We were driving thousands of kilometres just to see some whales, we were chasing the Northern lights in Norway, we were living on biscuits and packet soups for a week as we were in the middle of nowhere without any shop or restaurant, we got lost all the time, we were chased by dogs through banana fields, we were swimming with turtles and manta rays and we were laughing our asses off every single day.

Our main goal during these trips was always explore the unknown and meet as many animals as possible.

A bit later, in 2017:

I was already living in Fuerteventura and I was taking a break after my latest job. This time was supposed to be taken for relaxing, enjoy the island, go to surf, dive, kite, etc. but unfortunately I had an operation and I couldn‘t really do anything but stay at home. On Fuerte, there is not much stuff to do other than doing watersports, which I was not allowed to do, so I got really bored and stressed about doing nothing. 

I was sitting at home, thinking ‘What should I do now’? Moni has just finished her University and tried to figure out her life as well. She started to work as an accountant, but didn’t like it at all.

Summer was just around the corner, so I went to buy some new bikinis but I couldn‘t find any good one on the whole island. I was shocked. Why I can not buy a normal, simple, high-quality swimwear on an ISLAND?! I told my bad experience to Moni and she said that she had the same problem. After a couple of conversation about this problem we decided to design some bikinis for ourselves. I spent weeks sitting in my living room and drawing bikinis. Moni was doing the same in Budapest. Once we were ready, we were like:

-Ok, now we have a ton of designs, we should actually do something with them beside make a couple of pieces for ourselves.

At first, we didn’t even think of make a swimwear brand or whatever, we were always dreaming of having a non-profit organization and raise awareness or work with animals. We always wanted to do something with a good cause. However, we really enjoyed to design bikinis and use our creativity but we didn‘t want to be part of the fast fashion at all and be one of the thousands bikini brand. We just had too many things in mind:

-save the planet

-save to oceans

-raise awareness about plastic pollution

-raise awareness about dying species

-have a nice, custom made bikini that lasts long

-have an own business

-work together

-take pictures

-travel more together

-give something back to Mother Nature

-inspire people


-be good

-be different

-be unique

 Why couldn’t we do it all?

We realized that combine all our ideas together actually could work. Creating a sustainable swimwear label is a perfect platform to spread our message through with awareness objective. We can link every important message to this brand, we don‘t need to harm our planet and we can stand out from the crowed. We can inspire and educate at the same time. The ideas were just growing in our minds and step by step everything fell into place and we were able to create a brand together that was (and still) so precious to us. 

This is how Undersea Bikini and the idea itself was born. We needed a whole year to get ready with everything and be able to launch our first collection.

Since then, we are not only best friends and travel buddies but also business partners 🙂 


Dezi & Moni