The very first Undersea Beach Clean Up

15th September – What a day!

Not just because it is the International World Clean Up Day, but also because it was our very first Undersea Bikini – Beach Clean Up day! 

As we like to help in different ways to protect our beautiful planet, we have decided to start a new cleanup project where anybody can be involved who would like to help regardless of age, race or gender.

Our first event was organised in Fuerteventura at the beach called La Pared. Besides collecting all the rubbish on the shore, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed our time together.

But why is it important to organize these kind of events and keep our beaches clean?!

Our beaches are the bridge between our world and the ocean so we must be attentive in how we treat these lands.

If we wish to have healthy, clean oceans, it is necessary to keep our beaches clean as well. Besides the popular holiday destinations, beaches are home to various creatures from sea lions to sea turtles. Many animals depend on land to survive. Land that is untainted by chemical wastes or human wastes. Marine life, dwelling only in the water, are also affected by waste on beaches. When the tides rise, they collect items on the beach and take the items out when the water lowers, including trash. This can have negative effects on marine life.

By keeping this environment trash free we help protect and preserve marine life.

How can we keep our shorelines clean?

Along with the beach towels and umbrellas, bring along something to keep your trash in. This way you know where your trash is going and it is easier to keep track of.

Never throw away waste and prevent anything from scattering across the sand. If you find someone else’s trash on the beach, be kind and pick it up!

We are protectors of the environment and the life it sustains. Keeping our earth as well as the oceans clean is a great way to teach each other about the importance of having a trash free, clean earth.

Volunteer at a Beach CleanUp!

As we have started our article, there is another great way to help – Join one of the beach cleanup activities!

Usually, environmental groups, civic organisations and individual beachgoers collect beach trash to make the beach a nicer, safer place and also to improve the coastal and ocean ecosystem.

In these cleanups everyone is welcome to join, so don‘t be shy, invite a friend or two and let‘s clean together!

Believe us, it is an amazing feeling to help!