First, you must know that every year, a massive 640,000 tonnes of “ghost” fishing gear enter our seas.  These fishing nets, remain adrift for a substantial amount of time (500 years) and this problem only continues to get worse each year. The impact of these silent killers are huge! They continue harming the marine life as animals are trapped and suffocated by these discarded fishing nets and their habitat is destroyed as well.

Our aim is to put environmental responsibility at the heart of our brand, so we are using fabrics that will do no harm to our Planet. All of our bikinis are made with ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste. Since 2013, 375 tonnes of discarded fishing nets have been recovered from the bottom of the seas and regenerated into the ECONYL® process:

This sustainable fiber called ECONYL® is developed by AQUAFIL. Each year, thousand of tones of waste is rescued around the world and brought to a treatment center where nylon waste is processed and transformed into textile yarns using the least water and energy possible. After that, it is sent to Italy, where it is transformed into a high quality, eco-friendly fabric, that is:

  • Ultra Chlorine Resistant
  • Resistant to suntan creams and oils
  • Ensuring 50+ UV protection factor
  • Soft and smooth
  • Ensuring a perfect fit under any circumstances
  • Absolutely non-see through

Do you want to join the journey from waste to wear and help clean the seas? Join us, look good and feel good! We support you!