Hi Babes,

It‘s Dézi.

As many of you asked us to show more “behind the scenes” details, we have decided to run a Backstage Series, which is about to involve you a bit more in our life. We hope this series will be interesting enough and you will have the chance to get to know us and the life of Undersea Bikini better.   

In the first episode, we would like to introduce ourselves a bit.

My name is Szandra Szomolanyi, but everyone calls me Dézi. Yeah, I know.. there is no relation at all between these names, but when I was little, I didn’t like my name at all, so I just changed it. I asked my friends to call me Dézi and since then I use and love this name.

I was born (23/06/1989) and raised in Hungary, but after I finished my university, I left the country. Although, I had a very nice childhood and I loved to live in Hungary, this point of view changed a lot when I got a bit older. 

I was working in the fashion industry (as a photographer, photo assistant, model agency manager, journalist, etc.) but after a couple of years I got sick of this industry.

I was sick of everyone who were working in the fashion business, I was sick of all these fake people eaten up with self-conceit and the most important is that I was sick of the fast fashion itself.

One day I woke up, I was sitting in my bed and I was like “F*ck it, I quit.” I called my bosses and told them that I want to leave. I sold all my belongings in Budapest and I bought a ticket to Australia.

I wanted to move somewhere by the beach, where nobody cares about fashion. I didn’t want to worry anymore about what I was supposed to wear, what make up I had on, I wanted to live SIMPLYTake a bikini on and walk barefoot to the beach. That’s all I wanted.

As soon as I moved to Australia, my life changed. I changed.

I started to realize how different it is to live by the sea. The lifestyle I was now living was very much different to the lifestyle I lived back in Hungary. In addition to this I slowly started realizing that it wasn’t only the lifestyle that was different, but the people, the culture, and the mentality.

In Straya the people are very friendly, happy, helpful, the exact opposite of the Hungarian mentality. If you are success, they are happy for you, if you have any problem, they help you, if you are sad, they are sad along with you. They are very positive and appreciate the small things in life. But the best about them is that they RESPECT the nature and the ocean. What I experienced in Australia was overwhelming. I was surrounded by good vibes only and it gave my life another meaning.

At this time, I got closer to the ocean as ever. I spent every single day at the beach or in the water.

I started to dive, freedive, surf, sail and learn about the ocean and the marine life. I was working as a volunteer in a dolphin and whale research centre, I was swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean and my connection with the big blue just got deeper and deeper. I was in love.

I was in love with the ocean.

I was in love with the nature.

I was in love with the people.

I was in love with every animal I met.

I was in love with my simple life.

I stopped wearing make-up every day, go to the hair-dresser, using hairdryer, shopping unnecessary clothes and finally I stopped my unhealthy lifestyle I had before.

I was tanned by the sun, had salt on my skin and sand in my hair. I was walking barefoot and swimming naked in the ocean.

I found my happiness. I found myself.

My dream was to settle down for good in Australia, but unfortunately, I had some problems with my visa, so I couldn’t.

I had to leave the country, but I didn’t want to go back to Hungary, so I started to travel around. The first place I settled down was Tenerife. I was living there for half year, then I moved to Lanzarote for 6 months. I was working in hotels as a photographer. Even though these places were my bases, I kept traveling when I had some free time.


After a year living in the Canaries, I decided to try to get a visa again to Australia.

It got refused again, so I changed my plan and moved to Fuerteventura as I got an opportunity to work there as a photographer. At that time, I was very disappointed about not being able to move back to Australia but I wasn‘t sad for a long time as I  fell in love with the island and I met my boyfriend. By now I am very happy about how everything turned out. I appreciate that I am close to Hungary, so whenever to decide to visit my family or my friends, I just jump on the plane and I am there in a couple of hours. Not to mention, that Undersea Bikini probably wouldn’t have born if I stayed in Australia. Everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it?

Fuerteventura is a small Spanish island with the usual island mentality.

Things change slowly and everything is much more relaxed. Being late is never a problem, most people are always late. Shorts and flip-flops are how most of us walk around and getting dressed up before you leave your house is not a necessity. I often walk to the closest bakery in my pyjamas in the morning. Our hair are messy and our feet are dirty.

Since then (2015), I am still living here, and this is my home now. 

For 3,5 years I was working in hotels and surf shops, but for half year I am only working from home for Undersea Bikini.

We turned our guest room into an office, this is where I spend most of my time nowadays, haha.

In my spare time, I go to dive, freedive, surf, travel, take pictures or just chill on the beach. I like to hang out with my friends and spend my time in the nature. I love this island. It‘s wild and simple. Just like my soul.

This is my short story about how I changed my big city life to a small island.



If you would like to check my Instagram, you can find me as kingwaveskill.