What do our customers say about Undersea Bikini?! We interviewed them!

Hello dear followers,

We want you to know that we’re always listening. Everything you comment, everything you like,
everything you don’t like…

As customer satisfaction is really important to us, we have decided to ask our customers/followers what do they think about Undersea Bikini and the topic itself, sustainability.

We kindly asked them to answer honestly and don‘t be afraid to tell their opinion.

Let‘s see what did they answer!

How did you find Undersea Bikini?

Elin: I’ve been following Dézi back from the tumblr days, then on Instagram and that’s how I
saw the project.

Gigi: I follow Gina Pásztor (one of my favorite models) on Instagram and I saw her Undersea
Bikini campaign photos.

Zsuzsanna: I follow a blog called Holy Duck who shared a post that there is a Hungarian
sustainable bikini label. I had to check and I’ve been in love with it since then 🙂

Tell us 3 things that you like about Undersea Bikini?

Gigi: I really like that the designs seem very simple but there is always a trick at each piece, I
like the background of the products (protect oceans and the animals living there), I like that even
the wrapping and the tag of the products are recycled and environment friendly.

Barbara: It’s 100 % eco-friendly and recycled. It is so unique. Amazing idea behind these
sexy bikinis. Very good quality.

Dori: The top thing, that I like about Undersea Bikini is that it is an eco-friendly brand. At
first, I did not really know what that meant, but the website describes everything
clearly about being eco-friendly while producing a bikini. I think in the 21st century it is a genius idea,
people need more of these brands, and Undersea Bikini is a beautiful example for showing
them, that being environmentally conscious is the most important question nowadays.
The second fact about the brand, that amazed me, is that they are helping sea turtles by
donating. More eco-friendly brands should co-operate with others, to help each other and so
the environment. The designs and colors are gorgeous and so in-trend right now, I could not pick just one.
Simple and feminine!

Tell us 3 things that you don’t like about Undersea Bikini?

Virag: I’ve been thinking about this question a lot but honestly I couldn’t come up with
anything I don’t love.

Zsuzsanna: 1. There is no showroom to try them on, so I’m afraid the pieces on me wouldn’t look like as on the pretty models 2. That’s all i have 🙂

Elin: I don’t like the style of the bottoms, that there are only skinny models and that there’s not
many options for a bikini top for tanning.

What is your favorite piece in our SS/18 collection and why?

Barbara: The Marmara set, because I can wear it in two ways and it’s very sexy.

Klaudia: All bottoms – perfectly fit all types of bodies and I love their colours.

Virag: If I have to choose then probably the Bali Sea Set is my favorite. I adore the style and
the color. Not to mention it’s a charity piece and turtles are one of my favorite animals.

If you were the photographer of the brand, what kind of picture would you take and which location would you choose for a campaign shooting?

Virag: Hawaii I believe would be perfect for an Undersea Bikini campaign shooting. I would
take pictures where the background matches the colour of the bikinis. Like the model is
standing in front of the ocean in a baby blue piece or in the forest in a green one. The model
become one with the nature. I hope it makes sense.

Gigi: Hard question … I might take the campaign shooting to Zakynthos. The color of the sea is
gorgeous there.

Zsuzsanna: As all your pieces are made of sea waste, I think the ideal location is seaside and
tropical atmosphere.

If you were the designer of the brand, what colours or prints would you choose for the next collection?

Barbara: Earth tone colors, black, brown, dark green, khaki, mustard, dull/dark yellow,
different shades of orange, nude, bronze. I am not a big fan of prints, but maybe some kind
of flowers and leaves.

Dori: It is a hard question, but I feel that a lot of people love the classical black bikinis, that
color is an all-time fashionable color and looks good on everybody. Mustard yellow/orange
and nude colors are in trend, maybe it would be a smart idea to corporate those into the new
collection. In my opinion, sporty vibes are rocking these years, so those type of sets would
be worth to design.

Virag: Baby blue, burgundy, navy blue, dark green and yellow or some nice pastel colors.

How important in your life to be conscious and how do you protect the environment?

Elin: Coming from Brazil, it’s pretty important. I’m trying to reduce my waste to a minimum, try to
educate myself to make more conscious choices and also share with my friends the new
options, facts that I find.

Zsuzsanna: When I saw this documentary on the impact of the fashion industry on environment and human rights, I decided to shop less and if possible at local stores or secondhand. When I started to follow your work it was a huge plus that it’s sustainable.

Gigi: When I was younger I didn’t really understand the importance of protecting the
environment. Then in the last couple of years I realized that we have to be much more careful
with it. Nowadays I’m trying to quit using bottled water and rather use filtered jug and using
always only one same bottle.

What tips can you give the readers who want to go green?

Barbara: Order Undersea Bikinis 🙂 Use less plastic, don’t take the plastic cutlery when you
order take away food, use paper bags and paper or stainless steel straws instead of plastic.

Dori: Select your waste, think before you buy anything, eat smart, use public transport and
your bicycle more, pack food for yourself for work and school, use less energy&water, buy a
refilling drinking bottle instead of several plastic bottles.

Virag: You don’t have to start big and make your whole home environmentally friendly in
one day, just change one thing at a time, like your toothbrush or water bottle or just say no
to plastic straws. And as the time passes you can do more and more. You will want to do
more as you realize how important what you are doing really is .

Do you think Undersea Bikini is inspiring?

Klaudia: Sure.. we can save a lot of lives just by buying bikinis. Girls from the company are
showing to people that if we really want we can change our habits go with the dreams and
help another’s.

Dori: Definitely, more people should get to know Undersea Bikini! Such a pure, and kind-
hearted brand. Good example to follow for a lot of people and for a lot of brands.

Gigi: Yes definitely it is. I really liked the Insta Story in which you presented how your
products are made. That was very inspiring. I immediately shared it with my facebook

Thank you Undersea Babes! If you have any opinion, idea to share, please, don’t hesitate to write us!


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