Undersea Bikini is building a community made of powerful, conscious women who are not only beautiful but also taking care of the planet.

The purpose of the online brand ambassador program is to get like-minded people together so we can inspire each another and motivate other people to take part in our mission!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for women who are conscious towards the environment and help to reduce plastic waste.   

We chose ambassadors based on enthusiasm and engagement with their community both locally and virtually. Writing, photography and social media skills are important but mostly we’re looking for inspiration and involvement!

What does a Brand Ambassador do?

As a brand ambassador, you must be passionate about our brand, our products, and love the concept of Undersea Bikini. You will promote our bikinis throughout your social media platforms. Providing us photos/videos of you wearing our products in different aspects of your life. We want you to share your inspirations and enthusiasm through Undersea Bikini.

What benefits do I get for being a brand ambassador?

In return for your support we will promote and support you as our ambassador! You will have a direct contact with our team and you will be involved on our website and Social Media. Most important of all, you will receive free products or/and huge discounts from us and will have a chance to see and receive new products before they get published.

How can I be involved in this?

You can get involved in our brand ambassador program if you purchase a bikini on our website and post a picture of you wearing it on your social media. Use #USBambassador hashtag and tag undersea_bikini on the post so we can find you easily when we choose our new ambassadors! 

We appreciate your enthusiasm to join our Ambassador Program!





” Hey salty friends! 
I‘m Sarah Branson and I live on the West Coast of Australia.
Growing up on the coast, the ocean has always been my happy sanctuary. I have learnt so much about myself and really pushed my boundaries due to the endless freedom the ocean has.   
My ethical journey started about 4 years ago when I decided to stop eating meat and dairy because of my love for animals, the planet and my health. About 2 years ago I went plastic free and since then I have created a lifestyle that allows me to live in complete alignment.  I shop at local farmers markets, buy products from wholefood stores, create my own products using organic materials and shop at thrift stores. 
I work casually for and that is making raw vegan cakes for a vegan catering company and I‘m working for a whale research vessel where I photo ID humpback whales online. As a SeaShepard volunteer I spend a lot of my free time collecting marine debris from the beaches and running my own dive beach cleans where I will collect marine debris from the sea floor. I like to use my social media platforms to inspire change and show people how easy it is to live and maintain a cruelty free diet that includes eliminating single use and disposable plastics. It really fuels my motivation knowing I’ve helped someone make simple changes to their lifestyle which has huge impacts. 
Im so happy to be apart of the undersea bikini team as I love everything they are doing for the planet and their morals really align with mine! Together we can make change! “




” I’m Kier, I started as a traditional fashion/lifestyle blogger but was started to find out how bad fast fashion and plastic is for the planet. Once I moved to Florida, I was able to see some of the pollution firsthand and began beach cleaning and changing my content to include more eco-friendly brands and education . I’m passionate about making beach cleaning cool, sustainability sexy, and educating others about why refusing plastic is the best strategy for saving our ocean. Nobody wants to be the “weirdo” who makes a fuss about plastic so that’s why I want to make it mainstream and hip, take the stigma out of it and inspire people to make changes to save the world. Nothing makes somebody pay attention like a girl in a bikini so I’ve teamed up with Undersea Bikini to bring attention and awareness to the masses! “